Cosmin Ungureanu Secretary-General, Chairperson of the WHO Committee

Starting it as a way to meet new people and improving his public speaking, Cosmin has come to love debating both in Romanian and English. In time, this hobby has become a passion and he has taken part in various country-wide competitions. Last year, he discovered the satisfaction of chairing after being assigned the Crisis Committee.

This year, he has assumed two challenges: organising and fine-tuning the Conference, together with the other trustworthy Chairpersons and launching the World Health Organisation Committee, IaşiMUN’s new addition.

As a former delegate (a very hesitant and nervous one, at the beginning), former Deputy Chairperson and current Secretary-General, Cosmin wants to embolden all the future delegates to sign up for the IaşiMUN challenge, to raise their placards up high no matter the consequences and to speak their minds at any given opportunity!

Ștefan Mândru Deputy Secretary-General, Chairperson of the Human Rights Council

Taking into consideration that Ştefan loved debating, politics and the Russian Federation since he was a little kid it was only natural for him to get involved in MUN conferences.

Last year’s experience as a Chairperson was just as amazing as being a delegate. With the guidance of Andrada Pârlog, former Deputy Secretary-General and former Human Rights Chairperson, Ştefan has been assigned both of her previous positions in the Conference, for which he is deeply grateful, even if he feels this responsibility pressing heavily on his shoulders.

In what concerns this year’s conference he has one big goal: to make every delegate a better version of themselves, a more complete one, to broaden everyone’s perspective and he hopes to inspire other people to step up and become Chairpersons themselves.

Andrei Loghin Chairperson of the UNESCO Committee

Mixing ethics with rational thinking, Andrei is passionate about science and technology, let alone being part of a MUN, which has become to him a strong passion almost overnight. Despite his day-dreamer/night-thinker type, he is looking for the most realistic and relevant solutions to the topics he has picked along with his co-Chair.

Ever since last year’s edition of the UNESCO Committee, which was his first ever to chair at, he has developed the principles of the importance of education, science and culture, thus becoming a UNESCO advocate.

There is nothing worse than a silent Committee. Therefore, the topics have been specially picked lest this inconvenience. Even so, some delegates may be intimidated at the sight of others giving speech after speech after speech. Everyone, chairs included, have once been in that situation and, against all odds, have taken the floor, spoken their mind and never felt sorry about it. So, Andrei’s advice to you is to speak and never regret a thing, because, after all, you only regret the things you don’t do.

Ioana Tamaciuc Deputy Chairperson of the UNESCO Committee

Intrigued by the role of foreign affairs in an ever-globalizing world, Ioana started her MUN journey two years ago and she has increasingly engaged in it since then.

She is a social science enthusiast and aspiring international relations professional who views Model UN as one of the most helpful and awarding opportunities through which one can broaden its horizons.

This year’s conference is going to mark her first experience as a Chairperson, thus Ioana is more than eager to moderate what is sure to be a vibrant UNESCO Committee. She encourages every delegate to take full advantage of IaşiMUN and to strive to push their intellect to its limits!

Miruna Cozianu Deputy Chairperson of the SPECPOL Committee

Miruna fell in love with debating three years ago and since then, she has participated in numerous national and international competitions, representing Romania at the World Schools Debating Championship twice. But IaşiMUN has a special place in her heart as it was her first ever contact with debating. That is why joining the conference once again feels like returning home.

Although she may seem serious and tough, she is actually a softie, as she is extremely empathetic and sensitive. She dreams about owning a zoo someday, as she simply adores all animals. If you ever happen to not find her, she is probably somewhere warm and cosy, watching series or reading books between lots of pillows and blankets.

Passionate about Politics, a subject that she even picked for university, Miruna feels ecstatic about the opportunity to chair the SPECPOL Committee. She hopes that it will be a fun and enjoyable environment for all, in which the delegates will find the inspiration and ambition to engage in meaningful discourse on the carefully chosen topics.

Theodora Mocănașu Deputy Chairperson of the SPECPOL Committee

Since her very first debate competition, back in 2016, Theodora has been dreaming about making every person she will ever meet, desire to come up with a change in this world full of burning issues.

Passionate enough and determined to the core, she feels like her goal is to help young debaters reach the impossible and push up their limits, creating a fruitful conference. She promises to treat everyone as little geniuses because it is pleasant to observe them slowly transforming into ones on their path through life. Therefore, she has faith that the best solutions to the issues will be found, being kept under simplicity because it is the trademark of extraordinary.

Above all, she hopes that the conference will put a smile on her face, as she has an intense sense of humour and expects to enjoy herself and have fun learning from her delegates. Already excited to be chairing a committee for the first time, Theodora is looking forward to creating small stickers with memories to glue on her heart.

Alexandra Frunză Deputy Chairperson of the SPECPOL Committee

Having taken part in three MUNs as a delegate, Alexandra is definitely looking forward to attending her first IaşiMUN as a chairperson. Her motivation derives from the curiosity to always reach beyond the generally drawn line and take into consideration even the more obscure interpretations before being satisfied with her understanding of a topic, a trait which proved itself useful in her activity as a debater. One thing she has her mind set on is to see herself grow as a Chair and as a person alongside her distinguished delegates. A point on her bucket list for the upcoming conference is to be that Chairperson who sends those cute notes with smiley faces encouraging delegates to speak up.

Tudor Popovici Deputy Chairperson of the ECOSOC Committee

Tudor is a dedicated person who aims to give 100% in each activity he takes up. He was awarded different prizes at Economics contests and national and international conferences beyond MUN and has experience in coordinating teenagers since he is widely involved in NGO’s and volunteering clubs. He believes that an exceptional work ethic can help people reach great accomplishments. Tudor expects challenging debates from the delegates of the ECOSOC Committee which will contribute to their personal development, as well as improving their knowledge regarding some of the most critical issues of the modern world.

Theo Anița Deputy Chairperson of the ECOSOC Committee

Ever since 2014, Theo has been a member of the ECOSOC family, having taken part in two IaşiMUN Conferences: one as a junior staff and the other one as a delegate. He is a very calm person, sociable and determined to give his all to this year’s conference so that it would be beyond all expectations. Ready to put new ideas in action and very passionate about the ECOSOC domain, Theo is ready to meet this year’s delegates, hoping that their work will stand out and bring the conference to new heights.

Bianca Iris Samoilă Deputy Chairperson of the Human Rights Council

Workaholic & happy. This is Bianca in just two words. She is always down for a good MUN conference. A girl with experience in public speaking, she has participated in debate competitions, thus winning prizes and developing herself as a person. She loves meeting new people and listening to their opinions, exactly the way she will treat her delegates. Pretty stubborn sometimes, she likes her work to be done well, as she is quite meticulous. She does not waste any experience and she makes the most out of every single one.

Bianca is an open-minded person who will pay attention to her lovely delegates, making the Human Rights Council the best Committee in this IaşiMUN Conference in a beautiful collaboration with her two other co-Chairs.

Matei Scoică Deputy Chairperson of the Human Rights Council

Newly introduced into the MUN field, Matei boasts with a very competitive personality which ensures a good debating environment. An active and helping person, with a character made out of various skills and a high level of implication, he is convinced that IaşiMUN is a memorable event for all the students looking to represent their country while emphasizing the best debating qualities in themselves.

In his vision, the solution to any problem is made up by combining several ideas, even the less inspired ones. His limitless impatience and will of hearing out every single next-level idea certainly bring out the best in each and every delegate wishing to do so.

Brianna Dorea Deputy Chairperson of the WHO Committee

Always searching for the next adventure, Brianna is looking forward to being a part of this year’s conference. Having found her passion for MUN’s two years ago, she has decided to enrich her knowledge of tense geopolitical situations by volunteering for a month in Israel/Palestine. Here she gained respect for what humanity is; the idea that all humans have the right to their own personal opinions on any distinct issue. Therefore, this year she has seized the opportunity of not just being a delegate, she wanted to be a Chairperson because of her passion of being involved on all sides of any debate.

For Brianna, a successful conference is about committed delegates that fruitfully debate the key issues at hand whilst at the same time developing themselves and the primary concerns that the WHO forum is deliberating.

Ioana Ifrim Deputy Chairperson of the WHO Committee

Ever since being part of IaşiMUN as a staff member four years ago, Ioana has dreamed of putting to good use her organisation skills, her dedication and her willingness to challenge herself as a Chairperson. In the meantime, she attended IaşiMUN as a delegate in order to gain experience. What she gained aside from that was an opportunity to grow and evolve, which brought on her love of the conference. Ioana is a rational thinker as much as she is a free spirit, and she firmly believes that everyone should act upon their potential of achieving greatness. She hopes to help make the delegates’ experience as inspiring as hers was.

Andrada Pârlog Chairperson of the Crisis Committee

Having taken part in the last five IaşiMUN Conferences and being a part of the IaşiMUN 2017 Secretariat, Andrada just couldn’t skip her sixth one, so she decided that the trip from The Hague to Iaşi was worth it.

The way Andrada always describes herself is “friendly and efficient”, mostly because she has a service-oriented mind that puts the delegates’ great experience first. She thinks that people are the core of the conference, so if they have a great time while actively participating in all activities that IaşiMUN has to offer, then it is a success.

She is looking forward to this year’s edition, as it is a special, anniversary one, and hopes that it will surpass all expectations.

As a chair of the Crisis Committee, she hopes that all delegates will come prepared for the unexpected and for a very dynamic debate.

Iulia Sociu Deputy Chairperson of the Crisis Committee

Whenever Iulia thinks about this year’s IaşiMUN, she gets goose bumps for she strongly believes she will have the time of her life. Being an experienced MUN-er, Iulia became addicted to giving life to debate and trying to make it as fruitful as possible.

Now, the tables have turned. She is the Chairperson of the Committee she adores the most and her one and only goal is to inspire her delegates and make them love the spark of every crisis that they will face. She is eager to stay in front of the people who will only amaze her and make her proud of being their Chairperson, as she knows that her life will be forever changed after this IaşiMUN.

Iulia always tries to make the best of everything she faces and this time she can’t do anything but promise to be the best version of herself. The conference is very important to her, because of all the new things she will learn and the people she is going to meet who will change her way of thinking.

A crisis is a lesson that teaches everyone how to respond to new and unexpected problems and this Chairperson can’t help but say that trouble has never looked or felt as good as it does now.