Andrei Loghin Secretary-General, Chairperson of the SPECPOL Committee

Fuelled by his passion for MUNs and the need to be the leader, Andrei has again assumed the role of a Chairperson in the 11th Edition of IașiMUN, and quite possibly the Conference which will end his MUN career. Taking this into account, he decided it was time for a Grand Finale, one to go down in history books: it was time to be the Secretary-General. He knew well enough it was high time for a fresh start in IașiMUN. So, he assembled a team of people he knew he could trust with his life, presented to them his ideas and goals for this year and, well, Big Things Will Happen.

He expects this year to be the best one IașiMUN has ever had thus far, given by the addition of the Security Council, the new Rules of Procedure and the topics which we have carefully picked for delegates from all over the country.

Ioana Tamaciuc Deputy Secretary-General, Chairperson of the WHO Committee

Ioana is a proactive individual, whose strong personality never ceases to impress. Yet she has to admit that IașiMUN has played an essential role in shaping her well-rounded character and she is utterly grateful for that. Having had an inspiring experience as a Deputy Chairperson last year, Ioana has signed up for even more responsibility, since she is fond of a challenge at any time. Thus, she is now more than honoured to be both a Chairperson in the WHO Committee and the Deputy Secretary-General of IașiMUN 2019, hence she wishes to exceed all expectations. That being said, Ioana is eager to see you all at the Opening Ceremony, as proud delegates, to whom she promises that they will never regret having applied at IașiMUN.

Bianca Samoilă Chairperson of the UNHRC Committee

With this IașiMUN being her 8th conference and the second as a chairperson, Bianca has grown a lot the past year (intellectually speaking, not so much in height though). She aspires to foster an environment of respect, cooperation and intellectual curiosity, leading to a conference full of fruitful debate. In her limited free time, Bianca finds herself in coffee shops where she can easily ease into pretending to be working. 

She is looking forward to the conference and will be doing her best to make it a great experience for every delegate!

Matei Scoică Chairperson of the UNHRC Committee

After the success of last year’s anniversary conference, Matei is ecstatically delighted to return to the UNHRC even more motivated and with higher expectations than before. Our chair would like to show his enormous gratification and appreciation to his delegates for making our conference possible, a very momentous and mesmerizing experience. With disproportionately and bewildering impatience, he is prone to be deeply hurt if the debate level does not raise up and stall up there during the conference, as you may have got used to in the previous editions of IașiMUN. According to him, a winning resolution should be thoroughly built through the nuances alluding to a theoretical and literal approach to the problem. It is highly imperative to note that newcomers are the most welcomed and encouraged to influence the outcome, as the less experienced ones pay the most attention to mistakes that lead to catastrophic situations.

Matei Pascariu Deputy Chairperson of the UNHRC Committee

“If you want to do something, do it! And do it right!” That probably sums up how Matei approaches his every goal, but also a piece of advice that he would like to pass on to future delegates. Previous experiences as a delegate were just amazing and now he is ready to take on the next challenge. Friendly and ambitious, but first of all excited for what is yet to come, he will make sure that the UNHRC will be a place for engaging debates, unforgettable moments, entertaining breaks and socials. He is also convinced that a proper and thorough research will make the debate much more interesting overall, so better be prepared, delegates!

Ioana Celmare Deputy Chairperson of the WHO Committee

“Great things never came from comfort zones”. This is a motto that Ioana stands by. With two previous IașiMUN experiences as a delegate, Ioana is thrilled to change things up and undertake the responsibility of a Chairperson. Due to the involvement in different volunteering activities, she developed great communicational, organizational and leadership skills. Ioana is confident that with the right encouragement, the delegates will engage in lively and inspiring debates, regarding current worldwide issues.

Alexandra Frunză Chairperson of the SPECPOL Committee

An experienced MUNer and fierce debater, Alexandra is making a comeback in IașiMUN’s 2019 SPECPOL committee. But political talk is not the only expectations she has from her delegates, as to her the so-called MUN tea is just as important as holding up a country’s stance. Alexandra also feels absolutely rhapsodic at the thought of working with her grandiloquent colleague, Stefana.

Ștefana Popa Deputy Chairperson of the SPECPOL Committee

A fierce and determined character, Stefana, having just (officially) joined the IașiMUN family, is here for the flavour of the new formula of SPECPOL this year. Her activity as a delegate stands as proof that once she sets her mind on something, she is bound for success through perseverance. Stefana feels absolutely ecstatic about working alongside her magniloquent co-chair, Alexandra, to create the most memorable committee atmosphere yet.

Nicola Chiriac Chairperson of the ECOSOC Committee

After attending seven conferences, with two delegate experiences in the Economic and Social Council and a chairing one in the ECOFIN Committee, you would think Nicola would want to escape the intricate world that is economy. However, after many struggles, cups of coffee and sleepless nights, she is now, more than ever, prepared to make her delegates fall in love with the mind-blowing and endless debates on economy, society and with MUNs as a whole, as she can say from the bottom of her heart that every MUN that she took part in changed her life in more ways than she could ever imagine.

Alexandra Anghel Chairperson of the UNSC Committee

Although having attended 13 other MUNs, Alexandra could easily tell you that IasiMUN is one of her favourites. Not only does the conference hold a special place in her heart, but so do the people whom she has met there and with whom she has been working. With this in mind, she can’t help but count the days until the conference and look forward to meeting her delegates. She hopes that she will, along with her co-chair, make IașiMUN’s first Security Council a success and set a precedent for the next editions!

Cosmin Ungureanu Chairperson of the Crisis Committee

During his career Cosmin has been an inexperienced delegate, a decent delegate, a little over decent delegate and even though, for him, it may have seemed like the transformation happened overnight, a Deputy Chairperson, a Secretary-General and a Crisis expert with comprehensive, practical knowledge. His sole purpose this year, besides moderating his committee to the best of his abilities, is helping delegates reach their true potential because most people aren’t born “gifted” and there is plenty of room at the top of the MUN food chain. Maybe this sounds like another basic promise that is meant for compulsive readers but he thinks that his 3-year successful journey and the fact that he wasn’t anything special at the beginning prove his intentions and qualifications for the job he claims.

Ștefan Mândru Chairperson of the Crisis Committee

Taking into consideration that Ştefan loved debating, politics and the Russian Federation since he was a little kid, it was only natural for him to get involved in MUN conferences. 6 MUNs later, one as Deputy Secretary-General, he is just as excited as he was at his first one. 

Future Crisis delegates, brace yourselves as he is brainstorming almost every night for both epic and extremely challenging crises.

Radu Ungureanu Deputy Chairperson of the Crisis Committee

When he first heard about IașiMUN, Radu wasn’t too excited about it. Obviously, that changed once he participated in the conference for the first time and now he is following in his brother’s footsteps, as both a delegate and a chairperson, given that they are even co-chairing the same committee. In regards to this year’s conference, Radu’s goals are to learn more about what it means to be a chairperson from his more experienced colleagues and to inspire his delegates to be more confident and have as much fun as possible.