Ștefana Popa Secretary-General, Chairperson of the Legal Committee

Ștefana has been a part of IașiMUN in a lot of different ways. She started out like everyone else, as a delegate, then became the graphic designer, a chairperson, a dictator from the future with anger issues, and, finally, the Secretary-General. She hopes that in spite of the fact that she is not a student of the Emil Racoviță National College, she can still honor the legacy of the conference the best way she could. Ștefana has big plans for the 12th edition, and even though she knows she will face some sizeable obstacles, nothing will stop her from fufilling her mission.

Victor Roșca Deputy Secretary-General, Chairperson of the WHO Committee

If you had asked Victor two years ago what he wanted to do in life, he would have told you he aspires to be a doctor. But since he entered the MUN community, such a successful career suddenly became pointless for him. Victor has greater plans in life, far greater than practicing medicine. And the greater his plans for his future career are, the more ambitious his ideas for this conference are. Even though Victor knows he will face many obstacles holding this position, he is confident that nothing can stop him, just like nothing stopped him from becoming a member of the Secretariat.

Cristina Mitrea Chairperson of the UNHRC Committee

Always on the move, committed to gaining and spreading knowledge and passionate about helping others, Cristina is eager to engage in the challenge of being the Chairperson of the UNHRC Committee. With IasiMUN having been a substantial part of her high school journey, she is determined to make this year’s conference a truly meaningful experience for everyone involved.

Rareș Nica Chairperson of the UNHRC Committee

Power and success-driven, Rareș is the type of person you’d expect to chair the HR committee. With his charisma, ambition and sense of leadership, Rareș will take the committee to another level, encouraging and helping delegates, while also bringing fun in the equation. Count on Rareș to make the HR committee unforgettable for all.

Mircea Arămescu Chairperson of the WHO Committee

Mircea would best describe IaşiMUN as his gateway to the world of Model United Nations conferences. At the 11th edition of IaşiMUN he got to be a first-time delegate and now, one year later, he is back for yet another great experience as a first-time chairperson, with a different perspective and a few more responsibilities. He’s absolutely thrilled about being the youngest member of the chairing team and he’s determined to make it an unforgettable experience through his love for MUNs.

Robert Porcișanu Chairperson of the WHO Committee

What do you get when you combine a passion for science and a love of all things MUN? A great WHO chairperson, or at least that’s what Robert believes. Despite this being his first chairing experience, Robert hopes he will be able to make this year’s conference a truly unforgettable experience, giving everyone their chance to stand out.

Milena Pintilie Chairperson of the Legal Committee

This year’s Legal trio shares a passion for MUNs, anime, and the one brain of an Alien Overlord. Although Milena, the analytical one, relishes public speaking, she despises making a doctor’s appointment over the phone. She truly believes knowledge is power, so sharing TILs will surely seize her attention. The three of them hope they can capture your hearts in the committee just how the Alien Overlord has captured their mind and body.

Tudor Ianovici Chairperson of the Legal Committee

This year’s Legal trio shares a passion for MUNs, anime, and the one brain of an Alien Overlord. Tudor, the charismatic one, might at first seem too shy and introverted, but he loves a fruitful debate and is fiercer than some might think. He enjoys having fun so the committee will certainly not lack good witty humour. The three of them hope they can capture your hearts in the committee just how the Alien Overlord has captured their mind and body.

Bianca Cojocaru Chairperson of the ECOSOC Committee

After taking a break during the quarantine, Bianca cannot wait to return in full force for the conference that holds the most special of places in her heart, IASIMUN, and chair the lovely ECOSOC Committee. She hopes to create the perfect environment for the debate to flow and for her delegates to develop on both a personal and a professional level.

Alexandra Rusu Chairperson of the ECOSOC Committee

Alexandra is the textbook definition of perseverance and passion, both of which having helped her along her MUN journey. Although this is going to be her first chairing experience, she is looking forward to guiding the delegates of the ECOSOC Committee towards efficiently solving the matters at hand.

Cătălin Panțiru Chairperson of the UNSC Committee

Panti’s high school years could be easily described by saying that they were a constant run between debating and MUNing. After 12 such conferences, he learned that MUNs are not only about debating and making your points the forte of the committee, but also about being a team-player, about becoming a leader of your committee and, most importantly, MUNs are an incredibly easy manner in which you can always learn something new, especially if you will join his favorite committee, the Security Council.

Ingrid Pavel Chairperson of the UNSC Committee

Ambitious and focused, Ingrid has discovered her true voice and passion through the MUN conferences and is determined to help the delegates in this year’s Security Council achieve that as well, as she has the ability to get the best out of everyone around her. Even though her constant aim to achieve perfection might be intimidating at first, the delegates will immediately find out that she is, in fact, a softie who will bring the exact right amount of wholesomeness in this usually rigid committee.

Andrei Loghin Chairperson of the Crisis Committee

(Un)surprisingly, since high school did not really have proper closure for him, Andrei returns for the 5th time to IașiMUN, willing to go back to his first ever committee: Crisis, after passing the Secretary-General role to Ștefana. Along with his co-chairs: Andrei and Radu, he promises the crises to be so unexpected and intriguing that they can only be revealed at IașiMUN.

Andrei Alexinschi Chairperson of the Crisis Committee

After 14 MUN conferences, Andrei has decided to come back to his roots and once again chair the IAȘIMUN Conference, this time presiding over the prestigious Crisis committee. He is a 17 year-old at Emil Racoviță, passionate about debating and sports. When he’s not out and about, you may find him on the basketball court or in a fierce debate.

Radu Ungureanu Chairperson of the Crisis Committee

Responsible and ambitious, Radu thought that this year it was finally time for the younger generation to take over IașiMUN and make it theirs, but the class of 2020 doesn’t seem to want that to happen just yet with Andrei coming back to the conference for his 5th year to chair the Crisis committee. And so, Radu will take the secondary role once again, but don’t think that means he won’t do his best to make this conference as meaningful and fun as possible for everyone involved.