Ioana Tapalagă Chairperson of the DISEC Committee

A first-year student at UMF Cluj Napoca with an irrationally big love for NATO (her cat, not the organization), Ioana has been debating in any shape or form for four years now. MUNs hold a special place in her heart, thanks to both the friends she made in this journey and the ways in which the conferences changed her as an individual. The uninformed, disorganized, and confused freshman became an individual somewhat more aware of her surroundings, with a clearer view of her goals.
The DISEC Committee has been her soft spot for a while now and she is thrilled to be able to share a piece of her knowledge with the confused freshmen or disorganized juniors that will accept the challenges of this committee at IașiMUN. 

“We are what we love”  – Nichita Stănescu