The Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee
3rd Committee of the General Assembly


A: Rehabilitating Ex-convicts Before Their Integration to Society
B: Improving the Conditions of the Poor and Increasing their Resilience to Climate Conditions

Topic A: After spending time incarcerated, people have a hard time making their way back into society. Rehabilitation is the process of re-educating and re-training offenders. It generally includes psychological approaches that target cognitive biases associated with specific types of crimes committed by specific offenders, but may also include broader education such as literacy and vocational training. Some countries focus on the principle of normalization and away from retribution to focus on rehabilitation, and others have taken no such action regarding ex-convicts.

Topic B: During these times, the danger the poor people face is truly overlooked. Not only is it underestimated their difficulty to live, but it is extremely challenging for them to get out of their financial situation. This topic aims to solve this issue, helping them re-establish themselves, by encouraging delegates to find different approaches to this matter. Furthermore, this topic focuses on ameliorating the impact climate, improving the quality of their residence, assuring that they are protected from sudden storms, blizzard, and such events.

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