The Disarmament and International Security Committee
1st Committee of the General Assembly

DISEC Committee


A: Discussing the Implications of Foreign Military Presence
Addressing the Potential Dangers of Armed Attacks Near Nuclear Power Plants

Topic A: There is at least an example that should pop into your mind right as you read the title of this topic. From Afghanistan, to Iran or South Africa, all of them have been subject of intense debates regarding the implications of foreign intervention on their land.
Whether approved by the host country, or simply established in the context of ongoing conflict, such presence has been seen either as the most direct and effective aid a certain party could receive, or just a pretext for gaining influence and power overseas. This topic is relevant especially in the case of the most powerful states, that have been involved in many wars worldwide throughout modern history. Such interventions could even be perceived as a threat to regional stability, either by neighboring countries or those who pursue certain interests.
As such, we invite you to discuss this pressing issue of international concern, by coming up with solutions regarding the establishment of such presence, its subsequent activity, and specific guidelines for its deployment.

Topic B: Nuclear power plants represent both a blessing and a curse on humanity – hailed for the massive amounts of energy they provide, they have been proven to be a double-edged sword, with nuclear meltdowns heavily marking the 20th and 21st centuries. Even though they function in normal parameters most of the time, attacks in the nearby areas can represent immense hazards for the plants and the people inhabiting the zones. How can the effects and dangers of attacks around nuclear power plants be mitigated and potentially solved?

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