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IașiMUN2020/08/23 @ 16:44
The IasiMUN conference is one of the first of its kind to emerge in Romania, enjoying a great reputation for both its size and longevity. However, this is not the only reputation which it possesses, as, with time, we have become synonymous with the term "outcasts" due to the Rules of Procedure established in 2009 for our non-specialized committees.

With more and more teenagers being introduced to the MUN world, new high school conferences have emerged that all abide by the same Rules of Procedure, stemming from the Harvard University Model UN, which has become a standard for MUNs all around Romania.

We believe that the next logical step in our journey is to rewrite our procedure once again, and open our doors to students from all around the country to participate in our conference, starting with its 12th edition.
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IașiMUN2020/05/25 @ 7:01
Chairperson applications are now officially open until the 15th of June!
Apply now at tiny.cc/IasiMUNchairs

Due to the current disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still a possibility that by the time the IașiMUN conference is supposed to be held, the legislation would still not allow us to set up such an event. With that in mind, completing the form and applying as a chairperson means consenting to the fact that the conference could be postponed or even cancelled, and that there may be minimal work that you will have to carry out which will be in vain. Thank you for understanding and we hope that in spite of the current events taking place, you can still maintain a positive attitude and work towards a successful possible edition of IașiMUN!
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