International Court of Justice


A: LaGrand (Germany v. United States of America)
B: Legality of Use of Force (Serbia and Montenegro v. Belgium)

Topic A: On 2 March 1999, Germany filed in the Registry of the Court an Application instituting proceedings against the USA in a dispute concerning alleged violations of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of 24 April 1963. It was all concerning the pending execution of two German nationals for crimes committed in the US, who were in the eyes of Germany purposefully misinformed, in violation of the Vienna Convention of 1963. Germany held that the US should have offered adequate information to enable Germany to offer defense for the accused, and that their executions be stayed immediately. The Court did deliver an order that requested the USA to stop the execution, but the two were executed regardless. Therefore, it is up to you, prospective delegates, to prove either that the USA applied its domestic law accordingly, or that the USA breached the Vienna Convention of 1963 by the unlawful murder of german nationals.

Topic B: On 29 April 1999, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia filed in the Registry of the Court Applications instituting proceedings against Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom and United States of America for alleged violations of their obligation not to use force against another State. This application is in regard to the war in Yugoslavia. The Court must deal with important questions of treaties and jurisdiction in this case, and it will be your job, prospective delegates, to establish who sits on the good part of history.

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