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Combating the Threat of Biological Weapons

The future of conflict is being created as we speak. Of the many novel forms of warfare that are currently in development, few are as dangerous and as difficult to combat as biological weapons. Biological Weapons are microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, or fungi, modified for intentional use against humans, animals, or plants with the purpose of causing widespread death or disease. The use of bio-weapons poses a great threat to the modern world, whether by individuals, governments or terrorist organizations. It is the responsibility of all United Nations members to come together to solve this growing threat, and there is no other committee more capable in this regard than the World Health Organisation. Delegates, prepare to fulfill your noble duty!

Country Matrix:

AustraliaIndiaRussian Federation
CanadaIranSouth Africa
CubaIraqSouth Korea
Democratic People’s Republic of KoreaIsraelSyria
EgyptJapanUnited Kindom
FranceLibyaUnited States of America
GermanyPeople’s Republic of China