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A: Discussing the Ongoing Mexican War on Drugs
B: Assessing the Means of Conflict Prevention and Mediation

Topic A: For decades, Mexico has been ravaged by violence from deadly drug cartels: 90 000 people missing and hundreds of thousands murdered. The Mexican Drug War is the theatre of the global war on drugs, as led by the U.S federal government, an ongoing conflict between the Mexican government and various drug trafficking syndicates. They have been waging a deadly battle against them, but with limited success, therefore in 2006 the Mexican military intervened and the government declared its main objective was to dismantle these cartels and stop once and for all the violence. In 2011, Mexico called on the United Nations to help establish strict controls in producers and supplier countries on the high-powered weapons that feed the arsenals of traffickers. The Security Council has the responsibility to tackle this issue thoroughly and needs, once again, bold delegates that have what it takes!

Topic B: “Conflict prevention and mediation are important tools to reduce human suffering”
– UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres.
Currently, there are several worldwide disputes, ongoing wars and the risks of a nuclear conflict are higher than they have been in several decades. UN is working with various parties to conflict, together with partners for peace, in regions and countries across the world. It is mandatory to act early, to be united in order to successfully prevent crises from escalating. However, despite the efforts, enormous obstacles remain and non-State armed groups cause even greater chaos. When the Security Council can cooperate and speak with a strong common voice its decisions can have a decisive impact on the current situation. This is a call for you delegates, to join and come up with ideas that can make a difference!

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