About us

From the beginning, IasiMUN has been the product of student ambition and ingenuity. The first edition of IasiMUN in 2009 was the brainchild of a group of students at Colegiul National Emil Racovita, who were inspired to create a forum for students to learn about the challenges facing the world while also honing their skills as thinkers and people who would one day make a positive difference in the world. Years later, the IasiMUN conference continues to inspire new generations of students that take part in its tradition.

The spirit of IasiMUN is to think big; to imagine solutions on a global scale while accommodating the nuances of culture, history, and interests in each country represented in the UN. This is no small task and requires each student to take seriously their role in the conference. The value of participating in IasiMUN is that it shows its participants that their voice matters. The process of working with and persuading other people is messy, frustrating, and painful. And the process of getting things accomplished takes grit, self-doubt, and perseverance – and even then, best efforts are often met with failure. That harrowing process distills student efforts and ideas into extraordinary debates and solutions.

Our hope is that through IasiMUN, you will see your place in the world as something more than a mere spectator, but as one who must make a difference, recognizing the ambition and ingenuity it requires to make that difference. Welcome, and good luck.

Mr. David Pi