SPECPOL Committee


Establishing reforms within the United Nations


Were you aware that the People’s Republic of China forbids World Health Organisation to include Taiwan even as an observer, while the United Nations turns a blind eye to the whole ordeal? Additionally, the 5 praised permanent members of the Security Council are perceived as “a private club of hereditary elites who secretly come to decisions and then emerge to tell the others that they may now rubber-stamp those decisions”. What’s more, the organisation has a sordid record of covering up sexual abuse and human trafficking in places such as Bosnia, Haiti, Sudan, and the Congo. Amidst rising criticism, the United Nations requires reformation now more than ever. Join the Legal Committee and be the one to restore the integrity of the leading peace-keeping institution!


Country Matrix:

AustraliaHabitiSaudi Arabia
Bosnia and HerzegovinaIndiaSouth Africa
BrazilInternational Development Law Organization (observer)Sweden
Democratic People’s Republic of KoreaMyanmarUnited Kingdom
FrancePeople’s Republic of ChinaUnited States of America
GermanyRussian Federation