Teodor Ciorap Chairperson of the DISEC Committee

Passionate, keen, and a recent addition to the chairperson landscape of the MUN scene, Teodor is a sophomore from Iași that has fallen in love with MUNs a year ago and has never looked back since then. He is extremely excited about this conference, as it will be his first time chairing alongside two of his good friends, Ioana and Ana. 
His hobbies include debating, meeting new people, and cracking the occasional joke. He cannot wait to meet you all and see you debate as a part of the DISEC committee, and he invites you to learn, make friends, and, most importantly, to have fun.

“It’s gonna be legen — wait for it … and I hope you’re not lactose-intolerant ‘cause the second half of that word is — dairy!”