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Xinjiang Re-education Camps

Life as an Uyghur in China isn’t simply tough, it’s a life of oppression. Chinese re-education camps are a mask for the denial of religious freedom for millions of Muslims. Described by the UN as being “massive internment camps that are shrouded in secrecy”, China has rejected any accusations of mistreatment and they have stated that these serve the purpose of countering terrorism and extremism. While allies of China, such as Russia and Saudi Arabia, have commended the nation for their progress in protecting human rights, the United States of America and other Western countries have soundly expressed their concerns. Since the international community has yet to take action, we have high hopes that the delegates of the UNHRC Committee will come up with viable solutions.


Country Matrix: 

Democratic People’s Republic of KoreaMalaysiaUnited Arab Emirates
DjiboutiMyanmarUnited Kingdom
FrancePeople’s Republic of ChinaUnited States of America
GermanyRussian FederationWorld Uyghur Congress (observer)
Human Rights Watch (observer)Saudi Arabia