Theodora Mocănașu Deputy Chairperson of the SPECPOL Committee

Since her very first debate competition, back in 2016, Theodora has been dreaming about making every person she will ever meet, desire to come up with a change in this world full of burning issues.

Passionate enough and determined to the core, she feels like her goal is to help young debaters reach the impossible and push up their limits, creating a fruitful conference. She promises to treat everyone as little geniuses because it is pleasant to observe them slowly transforming into ones on their path through life. Therefore, she has faith that the best solutions to the issues will be found, being kept under simplicity because it is the trademark of extraordinary.

Above all, she hopes that the conference will put a smile on her face, as she has an intense sense of humour and expects to enjoy herself and have fun learning from her delegates. Already excited to be chairing a committee for the first time, Theodora is looking forward to creating small stickers with memories to glue on her heart.