Miruna Cozianu Deputy Chairperson of the SPECPOL Committee

Miruna fell in love with debating three years ago and since then, she has participated in numerous national and international competitions, representing Romania at the World Schools Debating Championship twice. But IaşiMUN has a special place in her heart as it was her first ever contact with debating. That is why joining the conference once again feels like returning home.

Although she may seem serious and tough, she is actually a softie, as she is extremely empathetic and sensitive. She dreams about owning a zoo someday, as she simply adores all animals. If you ever happen to not find her, she is probably somewhere warm and cosy, watching series or reading books between lots of pillows and blankets.

Passionate about Politics, a subject that she even picked for university, Miruna feels ecstatic about the opportunity to chair the SPECPOL Committee. She hopes that it will be a fun and enjoyable environment for all, in which the delegates will find the inspiration and ambition to engage in meaningful discourse on the carefully chosen topics.