Ioana Tamaciuc Deputy Secretary-General, Chairperson of the WHO Committee

Ioana is a proactive individual, whose strong personality never ceases to impress. Yet she has to admit that IașiMUN has played an essential role in shaping her well-rounded character and she is utterly grateful for that. Having had an inspiring experience as a Deputy Chairperson last year, Ioana has signed up for even more responsibility, since she is fond of a challenge at any time. Thus, she is now more than honoured to be both a Chairperson in the WHO Committee and the Deputy Secretary-General of IașiMUN 2019, hence she wishes to exceed all expectations. That being said, Ioana is eager to see you all at the Opening Ceremony, as proud delegates, to whom she promises that they will never regret having applied at IașiMUN.

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