Cosmin Ungureanu Secretary-General, Chairperson of the WHO Committee

Starting it as a way to meet new people and improving his public speaking, Cosmin has come to love debating both in Romanian and English. In time, this hobby has become a passion and he has taken part in various country-wide competitions. Last year, he discovered the satisfaction of chairing after being assigned the Crisis Committee.

This year, he has assumed two challenges: organising and fine-tuning the Conference, together with the other trustworthy Chairpersons and launching the World Health Organisation Committee, IaşiMUN’s new addition.

As a former delegate (a very hesitant and nervous one, at the beginning), former Deputy Chairperson and current Secretary-General, Cosmin wants to embolden all the future delegates to sign up for the IaşiMUN challenge, to raise their placards up high no matter the consequences and to speak their minds at any given opportunity!

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