Andrei Loghin Chairperson of the UNESCO Committee

Mixing ethics with rational thinking, Andrei is passionate about science and technology, let alone being part of a MUN, which has become to him a strong passion almost overnight. Despite his day-dreamer/night-thinker type, he is looking for the most realistic and relevant solutions to the topics he has picked along with his co-Chair.

Ever since last year’s edition of the UNESCO Committee, which was his first ever to chair at, he has developed the principles of the importance of education, science and culture, thus becoming a UNESCO advocate.

There is nothing worse than a silent Committee. Therefore, the topics have been specially picked lest this inconvenience. Even so, some delegates may be intimidated at the sight of others giving speech after speech after speech. Everyone, chairs included, have once been in that situation and, against all odds, have taken the floor, spoken their mind and never felt sorry about it. So, Andrei’s advice to you is to speak and never regret a thing, because, after all, you only regret the things you don’t do.